“Shine a Light on Afghan Archaeology"
A children's book by the APAA

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Afghanistan is best known as a haven for terrorists and high illiteracy amongst its population. However, Afghanistan played a significant role as a crossroad of civilizations in Central Asia as its thousand years old history and subsequent art attests to.

Following 30 years of violent conflicts the country lost everything from infrastructure to health care, basic livelihood to education and the connection to its roots. This dramatic lack of education in all subjects also applies to cultural and archaeological matters.

As a result of no public awareness the country continues to loose its heritage due to illegal excavations, erratic urban development, neglect and destruction of sites.

Moreover, the obvious lack of information has deprived the nation of Afghanistan of a true understanding of its roots and has disconnected collectively the nation of its cultural identity. It is therefore crucial to create educational material that will appeal to the younger generations and will further their knowledge while inspiring them to nurture their cultural heritage.
The APAA, Association for the Protection of Afghan Archaeology, is developing an educational, interactive and multilingual children’s book aiming at educating and inspiring younger generations on the archaeology and history of Afghanistan and to give the children of Afghanistan the possibility of tracing back their roots and origins.

The APAA is qualified to undertake this project thanks to the participation and collaboration of experts on Afghan archaeology such as  Professor Paul Bernard, Mr. Omara Khan Massoudi, Director General of Museums of Afghanistan, Professor Sanjyot Mehendale, Professor Richard Salomon, Professor Tarzi and many other distinguished scholars and experts.
The “Shine a Light on Afghan Archaeology” is a fulfilling response to a dire need for building awareness and knowledge through educational and reading material on the subject of cultural heritage. It will build awareness and foster children’s natural curiosity as well as assist the future generations to identify with their past, enable them to be proud of their nation’s artistic contribution and to become engaged in the protection and promotion of the said heritage, as they regain their cultural identity.
The book will “shine a light” on the history of Afghanistan giving a sense of travel through time, from Paleolithic times to recent history, presenting a specific site to demonstrate a given historical period and presented in a chronological layout. This sense of travel will be heightened by covering all or many of the provinces of Afghanistan.

Time tables, interactive maps, pictures, graphics, quizzes and interviews of excavators are all combined to give the children a colorful, fun yet complete and academic view on the archaeological heritage of Afghanistan.

The book's versatility in data and information, broad array of illustrations and easy navigation will appeal to K-12.

A glossary, bibliography, additional reading resources are included. The graphics are provided by several San Francisco artists, including artists of Afghan descent.

The book will eventually be translated from English to Dari and Pashtun and possibly other languages.
The book will undoubtedly be a success. There is no other book on the subject nor presented as it will be in the world. The book should be made available for sale in the U.S, in bookstores, museums and for rental at libraries.

The book should also be translated in Dari and Pashtun and ideally be donated to youth programs, libraries and possibly to schools in Afghanistan.
The completion of the "Shine a Light on Afghan Archaeology" book is planned for January 2012 or sooner. Contact us for updates and publishing schedules.