Since 2002 the Archaeological Survey and Excavation Campaign in Bamiyan, Afghanistan is funded for Professor Tarzi, Director of the Mission , by the Division des Sciences Sociales et de l'Archéologie, a division of the Coopération Internationale et de Developpement (DGCID-SUR/RSA) at the Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, Paris, France (MAE) . France has a strong friendship and commitment to Afghanistan which began regarding archarology as early as 1922 with the Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan (DAFA). Well known Professor Daniel Schlumberger fomer Director of the DAFA was also Professor to Zemaryalai Tarzi who produced on of his three thesis under his mentorship in 1972.
Tea Garden Springs Spa (closed)
Roy Nee, founder and owner of the famous Tea Garden Springs Spa in Mill Valley, California has leant his support to APAA numerous times and in many ways. Most of all Roy Nee has maintained a genuine interest and loyalty to the protection of Afghanistan cultural and archaeological heritage. APAA is very thankful to Mr. Nee and is looking forward to continue working together.
The National Geographic Society
The National Geographic Society has partnered with the APAA to lend support to APAA president Professor Tarzi for his Bamiyan archaeological Missions for 2003-2006. The APAA is looking forward to a long term relationship with National Geographic Society which will enable scientific research to progress in Afghanistan. The National Geographic Society played a vital role in bringing the "Hidden Treasures of Afghanistan" Exhibit to the United States of America, 2008-2009.
Himalayan Fair
The Himalayan Fair has contributed generously to APAA's orphanage programs. APAA is looking forward to a long term relationship with the Himalayan Fair and commends the committee for paying a special attention to the lonely children of a country too often forgotten.
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Khyber Pass (closed)
Tony and Sam Abrahim founders and owners of Khyber Pass (formerly IMGhome) are twin brothers from Afghanistan. They have generously organized fundraising events for APAA in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The first evnet on April 30th 2004 was opened by the kind words of SF Mayor Gavin Newsom in company of SF French Consul General Frédéric Desagneaux, Chief Curator of the SF Asian Art Museum Forrest Mc Gill, KQED CEO and President Jeff Clarke, National Geographic Society Film and TV Senior Vice President Maryanne Culpepper to name a few. Tony and Sam Abrahim have expressed interest and commitment to APAA through future events to further raise awareness and funds for the protection of Afghanistan's cultrual and archaeological heritage. APAA thanks Tony and Sam for their kindness and commitment and is looking forward to working toegether in the future.
APAA is funded also in great part by the generous donations in kind and in cash from many wonderful individuals whose concern and compassion for Afghanistan, its people and cultural heritage resonate with the APAA dedication and commitment.
Please come back and visit, tell your friends and look for news on our accomplishments in Afghanistan. Thank you for your support!